Sense of smell is very important in our life. We have an instinctive relation to scents noticed in our environment. I remember years ago in the era where roots of Internet begun. I was running sugar factory shift. In an early afternoon a call came in. One nice English-speaking voice asked me, if he can visit our site. I asked him, why would he like to see our premises. And he answered:” I am about 25 km away from your factory and smell a pleasant odour of sugar processing, reminding me of my professional career.” The very same afternoon we met, and it was nice communication between two colleagues. What has this story to tell about a fragrance. It tells us, that fragrant materials can spread on very long distances and evoke emotions. Nevertheless, this spreading is limited with atmospheric phenomena. Can we unbound this limits?

After ending my processing career my new challenge was production and application of scent compositions. I soon recognized a very tricky business of sample preparation and distribution. Scent applications is widely spread, and customers cannot get an information with long distance communication tools like telephone or Internet. So, we are forced to inform our potential customers with samples. Not enough, customers must make their job too. We had many interesting experiences by working on request to produce scent solutions that we never expected in areas of different industries. And many times, a question arose: ”Is there somebody who already have a solution for our potential customer!”

Later in a time we began to contact other fragrance producers to fulfil wishes of our customers. I noticed that diminished number of samples was rather an advantage for a customer. We achieved faster and better results to reasonable cost. That provoked an idea to create a tool for efficient communication between scent creators, producers and users. The result is simple platform  www.scent.center with possibility of placing information from production of new fragrances and (or) applications, new fragrant ingredients and new fragrance users projects. It’s simple: You place an ad with description of your offer or request and everybody has an opportunity to contact you directly. For understanding of fragrance all around we also placed blog opportunity for all registered users.

This approach is still fumbling in a dark area of new approaches to fragrance information spreading. In first steps we will strive a goal to spread relevant information, offer and request to our users. With a little effort of every user by using a platform, we will achieve that fragrance moves on internet and explores its huge possibilities.