The five senses we define in our response to our environment, are an endless inspiration for an artistic interaction of people. A fragrance is one very sophisticated tools for research of our environment.

Let’s define a fragrance by Merriam Webster definition of word fragrance: 


  • a: sweet or delicate odor (as of fresh flowers, pine trees, or perfume),
  • b: something (such as a perfume) compounded to give off a sweet or pleasant odor.


  • the quality or state of having a sweet odor.


Oxford Dictionary
Origin of word fragrance: Mid-17th century: from French, or from Latin fragrantia, from fragrare ‘smell sweet’.


As seen from definition we deal with odor sensation transmitted to us through the nose with very delicate processing in our brain. In other notes, we will discuss a wonderful and sometimes not good understood mechanism of odor detection.

Transforming the world in a fine balance with endless combinations of fragrance ingredients is best expressed with the creation of scent sensations combined with taste. People’s creativity is a major source of new scents. But basic distinguishing sensations come from nature. We describe many times odor with the combination of specific odors like fruity, woody, floral, herbaceous etc.. Nowadays, as synthetic ingredients begun to flourish we sometimes use milestones in fragrance creations as aldehydic for characteristic ingredient or Chanel 5 or similar to outline extraordinary sensation.

Fragrance relates to personal perfume, but it is a fact, that majority of fragrance uses is not connected directly with perfume. We sometimes underestimate a role odor plays in every day perception of environment. Not only pleasant odors! We can get very sensitive information about dangers of chemicals. Our nose can detect ppm of dangerous substances like formalin, ammonia, Sulphur dioxide and many more with incredible information about possible location and direction.

We are using odor for identification of space impression, we appreciate pleasant odor of our cloth, many products contain fragrance ingredients or odor surpressing substances to avoid basic smell of its composition. Plastics, cars, textile and leather products are prepared with fragrance to attract customers and deliver uniqueness to trademarks. Not to speak about many home appliances.


Our world mostly doesn’t smell as it is!

In the world of fragrance, we also have unique connection between scientific industrial approach to challenges of good (or bad) smell and artisan skills connected with fragrance compounding supported by solid scientific research and knowledge. Fragrance giants have resources to fulfill customers needs, but many niche and small designers and producers can make trends and build much more diversified scent world, not dependent on few perfumers.

My favorite issue is challenge of survival in competition with companies having excellent procurement supported with enough resources and last not least financial power. Artisans and in many occasions trendsetters with endless innovation spirit must have an opportunity to take all steps from design to practical application of their formulations. In my opinion collaboration and open innovation with high respect to each individual contribution. By analyzing picture of small individual perfume designers to sometimes well-equipped middle enterprises we can see, that all have to manage very complex issues of research, documentation preparation, sample management, production optimization that maybe can be easier solved with use of specialized approaches. Space for debate and practical approaches is open.

My idea is to open Scent.Center as step toward the presentation of Small and Medium Enterprises and individual for better effectiveness and fulfillment of customers wishes and ideas.

I’d like to end this introduction with statement about fragrance from our colleagues from fragrance house “PROFUMUM ROMA”:

“Sometimes a scent is more evocative than a photo or an image. It is a primer for the deflagration of sensation, emotions, desires, uncontrollable atmospheres, dejavus that flood and wrap us like honey, until they make us drown in an unrepeatable moment of wellbeing… olfactory hallucinations that lead us anywhere: to the North of any South, to the East of any West…”  – PROFUMUM ROMA - Top Italian Perfume House