About Us


SCENT.CENTER is a web-based interface for all people and SME(Small and Medium Enterprises) companies connected with scent production and application. Partners who are active in spreading of knowledge are highly appreciated. We strive to have personally involved partners who are willing to communicate their practical experience about production, marketing and application of fragrance. We appreciate that organisations (companies) are members’ trough responsible persons.

Primary purpose of SCENTCENTER partnership is a leverage of cooperation between small and medium enterprises (SME) to achieve outstanding service for fragrance users. We hope for added value of fragrance industry and fragrance users, based on innovation and passionately interested people.


SCENTCENTER initiative is established for enabling cooperation in production and marketing connected with fragrance and fragranced products. Main partners in network are producers and consumers in range SME that produce fragrances and related raw materials for laundry, cosmetics, candles or other fragranced products. We try to connect partners who work on wide scope of products that need scent as ingredient.
Idea for SCENTCENTER specialized to serve SME companies is based on 10 years of work with small customers by solving their problems, either by choosing a suitable fragrance or delivering small enough quantities for reasonable price.
SCENTCENTER strives to enable cooperation and business of all small fragrance producers. Herewith we achieve synergy for better service of small quantities customers. We enforce open discussion of customers need even if orders are not big. Our aim is to serve and fulfil the need of small quantities customers for affordable unit prices. The main cooperation model is based on the fact that almost every SME producing fragrance has some unique products locally and his products maybe can solve the problem on the other side of the world. That can lead to optimisation of production volume and lover a cost for production and documentation preparation. Firms and individuals are invited for posting their ads. Blog contributions are highly appreciated.
To achieve this goal we enforce exchange of experience about producing, designing, application and marketing of fragrance between companies and individuals who need more then few grams and less then hundreds of kg fragrance.
Establishing strong, fair and open collaboration of all interested stakeholders in value chain from raw materials trough perfumers work to production and fair fulfilment of end customers wishes is our reason to serve a community.
We want to achieve this goal with open communication, exchange of knowledge and materials and with the building of suited organization for this purpose. Fairness is highest goal for all partners that will join to build SCENTCENTER network. Using classified ads as simple and for centuries known tool will help us, to provide the better scented world.