Smell sensation is very important part of our perception of different goods. I believe that primary function is to recognize food quality and safety. Fragrance of cosmetics is a story of its own. Cosmetics and toiletries are another big issue. Almost all customers want a scent, that fit into their imagination of well being and comfort. Product must be efficient but fragrance can produce impression of effectiveness and quality no other attribute can. Big volume producers can do all necessary research work because they form necessary budget for this task. Small and individual formulators have much more difficult task to fulfil. What is a possible approach?

Small quantities series present special challenge for development and lancing of cosmetics by independent formulators and companies. At a begin of my work with and around fragrance very soon became clear, that a big problem are small quantities of unique fragrances. Of course; you can always buy online from fragrance selling web shops or you ask a medium or small producer for more than sample quantity of 100 or maybe 1000 grams of fragrance for initial batch. Uniqueness is almost impossible.

In years of practice of fulfilling of exactly such requests I came to conclusion that good cooperation can solve these problems with optimal effort from user and producer. Sometimes we didn’t had match for customers idea about fragrance of a product. Our capabilities for laboratory work were very limited. We decide to ask colleagues for their vision of a suitable fragrance. And more people know more and have better solutions to offer! Solutions were also much more effective in price and execution. We must consider that average fragrance composing small firm with 10 years of activity have several thousands of compositions in their archives. Of course, all of them are not completely equipped with documentation, but their composition and scent pyramid are known.

Why are these compositions so valuable? In today’s world of very complex legislation environment for chemicals and especially cosmetics, different approaches regarding safety and ease of handling are very important. Formulators for almost every product must obey different boundaries related to legislation, marketing trends, consumers safety etc… Simple and complex compositions can fulfil different demand related to performance of product. Sometimes special demands composition was made for another project and can serve a new one too. With more potential producers and users, a probability to find adequate fragrance, grows fast.

A main problem we have is how to avoid excessive sending of samples or misunderstandings about customers wishes and (or) producers understanding of task. Recently we successfully realized some small projects. A crucial point of success was very comprehensive description of a task. Description was composed of two main points. First was marketing goal and second a technical and legislative frame of a project. There was a little more effort necessary from side of customer to express its wishes in understandable written request. This effort resulted with very few samples and quick realization of desired delivery. Both sides benefit from such approach.

This success was a motive for launching of as intersection of fragrance producers (composers, services, hardware designers and producers) and users (formulators, marketing, end product designers and producers). We are intensively working on improving website interface capable of intensification of communication of professionals devoted to scent usage and creation. We are convinced that cooperation between fragrance designers and fragrance users is a necessary step for enhancing “scent picture” of our environment.

Cosmetics scenting should not be a lottery. Worldwide solutions are available, that go beyond locally present practices. Natural ingredients and synthetic components give us a possibility to create safe and wonderful products for almost every demand. New challenges related to environment and sustainability are coming in future. We are deeply convinced, that only collaboration and collecting a knowledge can produce suitable solutions. A great role can be awarded to individuals and small flexible companies supported from organisations serving fragrance sector.

Miro Mele