Kors Michael

Wiki: Kors Michael

Famous fashion designer owns also fragrance line with about 50 products. Designer born 1958 is very active in fashion design and it is not surprising that holistic approach made fragrance inevitable.


Wiki: Labdanum

Sticky brown resin obtained from shrubs Cistus ladanifer and Cistus creticus and species of rock. Rose Has a long history of use in herbal medicine and perfume.


Wiki: Lactone

Creamy milky notes, sometimes fruity nuances.


Wiki: L'eau

French for water, in perfumery may refer to EdT.

Legere / Leger

Means light in French, a lighter version of their original fragrance. Also perfumer Herve Leger.


Basenotes: Linear

Perfume that doesn't develop much from top note to base notes.

Longevity (sillage)

Wiki: Longevity (sillage)

How long the perfumes last from top notes till base notes fade. Approach to longevity of scent emanation of perfumes is rather complex and depends on factors like type of skin or surface, concentration of primary applied perfume, volatility of different components, air conditions etc.