Wiki: Oakmoss

Resinous substance exuded from lichen, generally found around oak trees.


Relating to sense of smell.

Olfactory fatigue

Temporary but normal inability to pick up a particular smell after being exposed to it for a long time. Removing exposure for a time will usually result in being able to smell it again.

Oriental perfume

Category of perfumes using warm sweet notes like Vanilla Tonka Benzoin and Amber.

Oud / Aoud

Arabic word for wood in perfume, usually refers to wood from Agar tree.


Derives from several notes most typically cucumber and/or melon which themselves derive from aroma chemical called Calone which is synthesizesd from pheromones of a type of algae. Calone can give off a fishy or oceanic aroma. Overall though it's Ozonic accord is more of an effect than a scent --- it's airy fresh & bright. Other notes that lend an ozonic accord, violet leaf, tea,grass,freesia and lotus.

Panty Dropper

Controversial term sometimes used to ascertain a scents aphrodisiac performance.

Parfum de Toilette (PdT)

10-20% (typical 15%) aromatic compounds, sometimes listed as "Eau de perfume". Parfum de Toilette is a less common term but can suggest some difference to EdT.

Perfumista (Perfumer)

A person who makes (and sells) perfumes. Also can mean a perfume enthusiast.


Can mean a perfume is dry or smells of baby powder or has a makeup dusting powder vibe. Notes such as iris can make a perfume powdery.


Perfume that is incredibly strong from the start, longevity & projection. Examples YSL's Opium, Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant, Creed Aventus and many more.


What people around you can perceive of your scent (measured in distance from wearer).

Pure Parfum.

Highest concentration of oils in a perfume. Actually, you can’t find such product at your perfumery. Concentrates are diluted according to end use. Concentrations can be from 0,1% in cosmetical.