French word for sandalwood.


In relation to perfume is a small amount of perfume, sometimes made available by manufacturers so customers can trial the perfume before buying a full Bottle. Not all samples are provided free of charge. There are online outlets who specialise in selling samples of varying sizes.

Scent bubble

When a scent projects in a way that surrounds you, makes a bubble around you, unlike a scent trail.

Sexy perfumes

Perfumes whose notes may be considered Aphrodisicac.

Signature scent

Fragrance a person wears regularly and becomes associated with them. People may have their own personal Idea of what Signature scent means to them.


Trail of scent left behind by a perfume (measured in distance from wearer).


Usually refers to a hint or more of body odour in a fragrance, a dirty quality to a fragrance. Animalics are often refered to as skanky, Jasmine, Indolic scents also.

Skin Scent

Fragrance that's soft & sits close to skin with little projection. Could also mean fragrance resembling the natural scent of skin (my skin but better) amplifies your own skin scent reflecting it back. Musks might fit this category.


Smoke in scents is related to incense, birch Oud, vetiver & tobacco notes and possibly other wood & resin notes. Leather perfumes can also have a smoky quality, some Animalic ingredients like castoreum can have smoky nuances.


If a fragrance smells of soap, shampoo, deodorant it can be considered soapy. Fragrances that smell just showered, bathed or clean generally may be considered soapy

Solar Notes

Fragrantica: Solar Notes

Notes in perfumes that make us think of sun / summer / heat.

Solid Perfume

Usually a cream or wax base with scent added.


Single flower connected with distinguishable scent of single rose (rose, lily of the valley, iris etc.).


Fragrance notes that have a warm or hot character. Describes in general distinctive fragrance of essential oils obtained from spices. Typical spicy notes, cinnamon, majoram, coriander, pepper.

Splash bottle

Perfume bottle with no atomiser, apply by splashing into your hands.


The process whereby a person (splitter) buys a bottle of perfume and offers to sell decants at no profit to other members.


Chemical synthesized substance to duplicate natural scents or create new scent. Historically seen first were aldehydes and in time developed to about 3000 substances allowed for use in perfumery. Some natural sources were also replaced by synthetic nature identic compounds.

Scent chemistry: Blaženka Ćiško-Anić


Traditional unit used for mass in South Asian countries 1Tola = 10g.

Tolaas Sissel

Wiki: Tolaas Sissel

Sissel Tolaasbron in Norway and resident in Berlin is an artist and researcher known for her work with smells.

Top Notes / Head notes

First notes of a perfume, most volatile & first to evaporate.