Under the radar

Perfumes that don't get much notice. Mostly perfumes sold at fair retail market.


Pertaining to, resembling or having the odor or qualities of urine. The word is often used discussing perfumes that contains notes which may smell Urinous in certain combinations.


The term borrowed from the wine world originally refers to an older perfume which has been discontinued by the manufacturer. People will have their own opinions on what merits the term vintage. It may be discontinued but it may also be the original fragrance name that has been reformulated. We have observed that some old trademarks are redesigned to follow a spirit of time.


One who is passionate about vintage perfume.


A perfume / cologne suited to all seasons.


On Fragrantica, if a person agrees to take part in a perfume split they vouch to take a certain amount of the perfume being split. So by vouching you give your word that you will pay for the mls of perfume you agreed to take from the splitter once the perfume arrives and to whatever terms the splitter sets. Vouching should be interesting for new generations.