Almost from my beginning in the fragrance industry, we were faced with specific approaches of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) to tasks connected with the smell of their projects. Very soon we made a guide for them. Years passed and we are still faced with similar problems especially from startups in cosmetic and toiletry industry. That’s the main reason of rethinking our approach to present business activities. The first step was the complete outsourcing of production. Now we want to take the next steps for more integrated, web-supported fragrance problem-solving.

The primary idea of SCENTCENTER was to build a knot connecting fragrance producers with fragrance users. After a year of building a site, we recognized that this function is well supported by social platforms activities like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.…. On the hand of request, we recognized that the challenge is in another bush. Is it possible to organize a fast and reliable connection between SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) producers with SME users?

Our platform is a step toward effective collaboration. The idea is quite simple. On one side are very flexible individuals and SMEs who create and produce fragrance, on the other side are people, who use scent as an important part of their products and services. Our task is to connect them with clarity and effectiveness needed to fulfill challenges. We see ad offers and requests as the simplest way to do that.





Registration is not mandatory. Just surf on our page as much as you want. If you find an offer that is related to your challenge just click (more information). You will be directed to the registration page.

For activities on our site, registration is obligatory. Registration must be approved by the administrator. The reason is simple. We want to serve really people and companies, not spam makers. If you are already registered just log in. If you are not registered just fill in a few fields and send the registration. Every registration will be approved by our staff to prevent fake or robot registrations. After mail confirmation, you are registered. Log in (you can permanently stay logged) and use it for requests, setting ad or sending blog contributions.

Publish your ad

In general two kinds of ads are possible. Both are designed with the same tool. Just follow the requested input fields. You can attach documents who will be available to interested parties after payment. At least one picture is obligatory. Please use relevant pictures, logos and (or) movies. Users who are offering products or services will be redirected to paying page after successfully ending their ad. Payment is possible with all kind of paying methods trough or trusted partner.

Users communication

To prevent disturbing spam-like ads and blog contributions every input is supervised by administrator (inevitable safety task). Thereafter your registration will be approved and connected with a registration number. As a trusted user, you just click this number and you get basic contact information. If the requested user reacts, you are in business with him. You don’t need further support from us. If you feel the necessity for support just tell us ( and we offer you support by detailing the request, technical data or connecting with specialized partners. Fees for support are calculated dependent on effort with a minimum fee of 30 EUR.


Users advertising is preferred. You can use your own graphic template or provide us with text content and illustration, and we will design advertising for you. All details will be cleared trough written communication with us and the cost proposal will be sent. The price of advertising is set without design costs. All prices are per month. For longer periods discounts are possible (see price list).

The page is using Google Ads limited (as much as possible) to issues and terms related to scent, fragrance, fragrance ingredients, and related services


User suggestions

We strive real involvement of users for improvement and networking for all interested parties. Your contribution is at least searching for necessary information for project, you run or have in mind. If you have some ideas to communicate, do it with blog contributions. If you need fragrance ingredients to post an ad. If you have a surplus of fragrance ingredients offer it with an ad. If you need a fragrance for your product to explain your idea with an ad. If you offer services for analyzing, studies or strategic support just use a form for placing an ad. Every ad will be approved for publishing to prevent not relevant content.

All communication is running trough to have a good overview of relevance. Of course, after the establishment of direct communication, you will fulfill the execution of the desired task with direct contact. We don’t see any reason to be involved with a commission or similar commercial involvement.

On the hand of your activities, our team will enhance functionalities. Every suggestion is welcome.

We hope that this kind of communication in the fragrance industry will improve the daily business of small and medium enterprises who are dealing with fragrance design and production. We also hope that enterprises in the field of application will use the advantage of SCENTCENTER.