Small or big; it`s no difference about documentation necessary to fulfill law environment of chemicals and chemical mixtures offered. Fragrance industry and fragrance users are not excused from delivery of comprehensive technical and safety documentation. Almost every bigger fragrance producer has person connected with composition of adequate information for its customer.

The scope of necessary information is most visible in IFRA (International Fragrance Association) guidelines for fragrance IFRA certification. We have to thank IFRA for carefully made instructions and guidelines that help us to offer our customers high degree of safety and certainty about applications for user. Nevertheless, it is sometimes difficult to arrange the right scope of documentation by lack of sources internally.

We have practiced internal as external approach to elaboration of documentation, but in last few years we outsource at least safety documentation. Why to do that?

  • Better oversight of specialize companies about law development.
  • More sources available for actual development of products.
  • Databased approach of specialized companies.
  • standardized approach to documentation.

For technical documentation it is sometimes better to do it internally, and then projects are executed in different industries with different needs. We can explain much more in detail about specific approaches to use of our compositions. Also specific documentation can be set about wide scope of from user defined views.

Sometimes it is difficult to find appropriate documentation of ingredients to fulfill scope of questions set by users. For some ingredients is difficult to find proper information. Fortunately most of serious suppliers offer well specified set of information available on request. Thank to “uncle google” we have a possibility to compare different statements of producers and clear details with them, if necessary. But in some cases you must rely on information delivered with ingredient to avoid ambiguities connected with carefulness of documentation issuers.

IFRA certificate is in my opinion the best, systematically elaborated path to very correct and honest information of products we deliver.  It is also very helpful for users who have restrictions (safety and application) to avoid collisions with every day stronger health and environmental law. We should apply careful approach to volume of documentation for avoiding a “flood” of not relevant information.



Minimal information in my opinion is Technical description with essential data of composition, storing and application. Material Safety Data Sheet should be composed according to standard and data as accurate as possible. For users in cosmetic industry also separated allergen information helps a lot. All other information should be established on request. Different industries have different needs for documentation of specific views on fragrance (like GMO information, residues information, packaging information, etc.).