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Website SCENT.CENTER was launched to nurture communication between scent lovers, producers, and scent application users. The establishment of this website is based on more than 50 years of activities based on the know-how of the former ETOL company (now FRUTAROM ETOL d.o.o.) with scenting and perfumes. The premise of work is, that Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) can win more with cooperation than with rough competition. Cooperation between Parfummele d.o.o. and KRIEGER Egon Krieger s.p. company was an interesting and fruitful activity for serving professional users of perfumes.  Based on careful analysis of the market and our limited sources, we decided also to serve users, who have a demand for custom-made solutions.

After comprehensive communications with the interested public, we recognized that people need support and coordination of scent projects. As we had a good experience with sometimes odd scenting projects, we decide to offer interested customers a full package of personal perfume delivery in small series. That was a huge decision to switch from medium-size industrial users in the cosmetic and chemical industry to very individual small enterprise applications and consumer markets.

Scent production and application are related to many issues connected with regulation, technology, marketing, and many more. That makes the execution of scent projects very tricky. You must deal with very different legal environments (chemicals, cosmetics, trade, transport) and the impact of scent on product success. Last, not least sense of smell is very individual. It came out, that SCENT.CENTER can help to fulfill the demand of complex coordination of perfume projects. As the request arrived, we decided to offer customers a combination of self-effort and our support based on long-year experience and connections with appropriate partners.

Recently we accomplished a small series of boutique perfumes for a Slovene firm active in the orchids growing and gardening business. Let’s take an insight into this interesting, perfumed project.

The customer is Ocean Orchids d.o.o., an enterprise active in the growing of orchids and selling products around tropical plants. They also offer interesting insight into tropical plants in their beautiful tropical garden. After calling with the responsible manager for outlet shop activities, we decide to give a customer all necessary support.

In the first meeting, we discussed in detail the wishes of the customer to smoothen all activities necessary for success. We presented some samples in advance to discover the sensibility of customer and outlining scent preferences. Thereafter we outlined a story of perfume, to make designers’ decisions possible. We helped Ocean Orchid to prepare the story as precisely as possible. We also outlined the responsibility of each partner involved in the project.

Then the search for proper scent began. The perfume story was presented to a limited set of perfume designers. We decided to present customer small arrangement of samples from two different perfume designers. We chose firms with quite a different approach to perfume design. Besides we had some positive experiences from our past projects in bulk perfume design. From an array of six samples, the customer decided on one product. They tested samples by a group of people and get the best impression of sensitivity to possible customers.

Choosing a perfume was surprisingly the easiest part. The real challenge was a customer’s wish for an extremely small series of 100 pieces. We were forced to find unique enough solutions for every part of project execution. Customer arranged its own designer (we gave him also the possibility to arrange our designer), but our responsibility was to find all elements with good design and for acceptable prices.

An outstanding job was fulfilled with the cooperation of KRIEGER Egon Krieger s.p. who served all financial, operative technical, and logistical support for a whole project. With its 15 years of experience in producing and delivering perfumes for professional uses in many industries, its support was inevitable for success.  Many technical and logistic issues were solved in the path of execution. Final activities were executed fast and efficiently, not to mention that in such type of project combined issues connected with quality and delivery of materials arise. All were mastered with personal engagement and goodwill. A small team of dedicated people understood the importance of serving also small customers.

The proposer of chosen perfume was Farotti s.r.l. interesting perfume designer from Italy. We made efficient communication to fulfill all legal and paperwork to get perfume and the necessary documentation for registration. We also got some advice about technical and legal hurdles in the perfume lancing process. Communication was fast and delivered within 1 month.

An interesting issue was choosing the bottle. The customer wasn’t ready to invest in greater inventory. Our goal was to find an economically reasonable but unique enough solution. Prices of small series bottles or low numbers are high. On the other side, there are not so many retailers that offer reasonable prices for the cost-sensitive project. We find a satisfying solution by cooperating with Dekleva commerce d.o.o. which assisted us also with technical questions.

Outside package and label were executed by small series printing company Toriprint d.o.o. They prepared a package with laser cutting and glued it into end form. All work was done extremely fast within one week. 

A quite challenging issue is the registration of new perfume. We arranged, kozmetika in eterična olja Anja Vrhovec s.p. as our adviser. We didn’t expect that perfumes in cosmetics are a quite different issue, as they are by other applications. With intense communication with the producer (who also gave very valuable information) and on hand of previous experience we mastered all hurdles on this way. Products documentation and registration are accomplished. 

Seen from the perspective at the end of the project we maybe should design execution procedure differently, but we succeeded to give a customer a wished product with an optimal financial frame and time schedule. 

Let us outline the role of SCENT.CENTER in this project. The initial idea of SCENT.CENTER evolved to service for enabling good marketing idea into a saleable product. Together with customer we also developed an interesting model for financing such a developing project with minimal risk for customers as for other stakeholders in the whole chain. We hope that our approach will help people with good scenting ideas to develop their projects at an optimal level. We proved that intense communication and coordination combined with the ability of small enterprises network to cooperate effectively can deliver optimal results. We delivered optimal price in high-quality perfume in a reasonable time frame. We will maintain our effort to deliver good perfume and perfuming connected tasks in cooperation with small enterprises and innovators. A platform is not rigid and enables cooperation based on the open innovation principle.  All steps of a project can be executed with local effort combined with the advantages of global sourcing.

Readers of this article are invited to present their experience about the perfume project and (or) offer their expertise. In near future, we will present next, quite different scenting adventure.

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