I discussed already interdependence of our senses. As our society underestimates scent sensation in relation to visual and audio sensation (as it does with sense of touch), I think it is time to achieve a step for obey interdependence and independence of senses. In one of my earlier text Talking about scent I expressed difficulties in verbal description of scent. Almost the same is valid to visual approach to this matter.

Visual sensitiveness is present in our daily activities and helps a lot for survival. It is interesting, that we are mostly aware of limited possibilities of visual sensations. Impressions are selected fast and almost automatically in ranged to important and less important. Unfortunately, we are overflooded with visual stimulation and have problems with filtering according to importance. Artists of visual arts have mastered art of visual influence and reinterpreted the visibility of environment. Question is, can they interpret other senses, particularly scent.

I believe that senses are close interrelated, we interpret our world with all available senses. Deaf people balance their lack of sensation of acoustic signal with touch and vibration, blind with hearing and touch. Achievements of sense disabled people are in many cases extremely great. This substitute can enable us reinterpret for instance visual signals trough touch or scent signals trough vision.

I decided to give the opportunity for expression of scent sensation with photographic pictures at Photography contest. We can easily have an impression of scent if we see a picture of lily of the valley or a pile of organic waste. Scents are all present but not taken into awareness if they don’t signal us danger, attraction to another people or memories. Can pictures express sensations of scent? I believe they can if we have in mind, that processing of sense signals in our brain is very complex and interdependent.

Most of pictures we see interrelated to scent are scented objects like flowers and scent diffusers. There must be a way to tell a story subtler and with innovative approach. Maybe with pictures that express and interpret feelings connected with emotional roots of scent processing in our mind. Questions to be answered are: how scent sensation reinterprets visual objects, is the picture of scented object also a picture of scent, can visions be transformed trough winking about scent, can we really feel bad smell with picture. In my memories there are some pictures of graphic arts that successfully interpret smell as ingredient of picture. We should express this feeling with photography.

In next future we will also make contest about use of other senses for interpretation of scent. I hope that this contest at least opens another view to challenge of artistic interpretation of our world. Last not least beside high technology and science scent creation was and is always artistic undertaking.

Holidays are in the air is a phrase that might express, that not only picture is a key to feeling good!