Recently we got some requests of our customer to find Black pepper fragrance. Of course, we began to work on project and successfully offered 3 very interesting variations of black pepper spiced fragrances. And I began to think about, why fragrance is so close connected with all kinds of pleasant and even unpleasant smells. Why so many customers ask for aroma, not for fragrance?

In my not so long career as fragrance producer and much longer career as chemist I was many times connected with “problems” of scent developed in chemical reactions of all kinds. Really in laboratory and outside, chemistry is close connected with smell emanation of  many inorganic and organic chemistry reactions. First thing we learned was distinction of danger signals that scent can give us. It is very easy and fast and doesn’t need great explanations to understand it. On the other side also, absence of smell of some dangerous substances can be a great problem, when measuring devices are not available.  And last not least we almost every time connect sense of taste that is closely connected with olfactory impression.

And there we are. If we look on some older recipe for fragrance compositions food spices as mint, pepper, black pepper, marjoram and many other are used to round a composition. And today we have perfumes on almost every possible food spice available.  But not only as top notes, many of them are going deep into heart notes to elevate an impression of luxury and exotic feeling. We make for instance very pleasant fruit vanilla fragrance, that is good accepted. Ill tested also beautiful ginger spiced vanilla well rounded and extremely even in scent emanation. There vanilla become spiced spice for fragrant impression. Not only that, some combination of food spices produces surprising effects and combined with more classic fruit and flower scent we can built many of very unique perfumes, who can spread some character into scent identity of person or product wearing it.

I like to research bases of data available at www.thegoodscentscompany.com to get some ideas in thousands of chemicals and natural resources of different scents and aromas integrated into sometimes very simple chemical structures and sometimes into complex of natural formulations usually called essential oils. It is clear on first sight that quite simple chemical structures can deliver different impressions by small adaptations. Volatility builds possibility of detection by our smell and taste sensors and so high molecular mass compounds doesn’t have much possibility for detection with nose and mouth. If very small part is decomposed by enzymes or any other reaction into volatile entities, we can detect it with astonishing accuracy. And nobody has give us big lectures about information that relates to this smells and tastes.

Let’s go back to role of spices (You got that I use this term in connection with spices used for food preparation). Personally, I believe that close connection of sensorial processing of taste and fragrance signals is close connected with success of fragrance compositions who deliver good combination of spicy accents. If I remember properly quite a big area of our brain relates to scent signals processing and relatively small with taste processing. Impression of taste is complex processing of smell and taste detection in brain. So, don’t be afraid of sometimes exotic spices to create interesting and successful perfume for personal or other application. Services connected with scent marketing are a good field for search of addressing holistic approach to all senses. Never forget, we detect scent far away from its source!