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Miro Mele
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Msc. Miro Mele

Personally, open to new ideas, passionate photographer and lover of art. Father of 3 children and 40+ year’s partner of my wife. Optimistic and persistent.

My career was dedicated to professional and organisational activities in sugar industry and environment related industries. Recently scent and its application are my favourites Managed active the innovation processes in sugar factory.

I finished my master’s degree in management with special attention on outsourcing and innovation management. Also succeed in practice with proposed model in my master degree work.

After closing of sugar factory Ormož I began entrepreneurial way. Established two firms in 2007 and 2008. Most dedication was to Parfummele d.o.o. where perfume and scent is primary.

My other skills are in possibility of active using of English, German, former Yugoslavia languages and with short contact with Russian environment also Russian language. I read professional papers in Cyrillic without trouble. If necessary I can basically understand text written in Italian, Spanish or French, but don’t have much knowledge of spoken languages mentioned. I was also the founder of sugar terminology in Slovene language.

My present activities are: representing Parfummele d.o.o. and manage project of, dedicated to scent and people around it.

I have about 20 citations at COBISS , Slovene bibliographic system.

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